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10: Back to The Past (2-parter)
While in the archives of Canterlot Twilight tries her hoof at a new time travel spell she found, wanting to see the what the future holds it sends her 5 years into the future, where all of Canterlot & Ponyville is ruled by Queen Chrysalis. She barely escapes the evil tyrant & finds a small resistance led by Spike. Can Twilight undo what shes done, save her friends & get back to her own time?

9: Appleblooms
When the CMC try do some new methods of applebucking for Applejack, Applebloom finally gets her cutie mark! Of course everypony is happy for her, but she feels like she has abandoned her friends because she's no longer a Cutie Mark Crusader. How will she cope with this new problem?

8: A Dash of Blue
Rainbow Dash's parents come to Ponyville for a visit & Pinkie Pie & Applejack scare them with their crazy antics & apple selling speeches, so they decide they don't like where their daughter is staying & want to take her back to Clousdale. Can Twilight & her friends encourage Rainbow's parents to let her stay with them, or will they have to say goodbye forever?

7: Spike the Diamond Dog?
Feeling left out of everything his friends do, Spike decides to leave on a gem hunt by himself to cheer up, but comes across the Diamond dogs, they see that he is down in the dumps & decide to make him an honorary Diamond Dog. Can his friends make him come back to them or will Spike be the newest Diamond Dog?

6: Princess Problems
We see Celestia trying to go through her normal routine, but one draconqus wants to spend time with her. How will Celestia deal with this? (a Dislestia episode)

5: Trix of the Trade
Trixie once again returns to Ponyville, but not for her personal gain. She returns to entertain. All of the ponies don't want anything to do with her, & think she's back to cause more trouble, except for one. How can Twilight convince her friends, & everypony else Trixie isn't up to anything?

4: Kid Stuff
The mayor's nephew comes to town, & the mayor makes Pinkie Pie give him a tour. There's just one problem, he's a total sourpuss. She does her best to make him smile, but it seams all hope is lost. Has Pinkie lost her touch?

3: Foals Day
Pinkie & Rainbow are on a huge prank party & are loving it, but when one of their pranks goes array, the mayor establishes a boycott on Foals Day. Can the pranksters turn this around, or are their pranking days numbered?

2: A Prince Is Rare
Rarity gets an unexpected visit from Prince Blueblood! He swears he has changed his ways & came to apologize for mistreating her so badly, but Rarity doesn't believe him. She decides to follow him for the remainder of his stay, things seem like they have changed. Has the Prince found the light, or is he playing Rarity for a foal?

1: A Mile In My Hooves
The Mane 6 get into a heated argument saying that they could do each-others jobs better. Twilight casts a spell that makes her & her friends switch bodies. Twilight is in Rainbow's body, Rainbow is in Rarity's body, Rarity is in Fluttershy's body, Fluttershy is in Applejack's body, Applejack is in Pinkie's body & Pinkie is in Twilight's body. How will this predicament affect their friendship, & can Pinkie turn them back?

MLP FIM (c) Hasbro & Lauren Faust


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Steven Besspiata
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United States
I love Animaniacs, MLP: FIM, Spider-Man (no homo), Ben 10 (no homo), Coco Bandicoot, Kitty Katswell, Samus Aran, Sonic the Hedgehog (no homo), & Scooby-Doo.

Current Residence: The Water Tower
Favourite genre of music: 90's,80's,Video Game,Movie theme,& Rock
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
Wallpaper of choice: Animaniacs
Skin of choice: fur
Favourite cartoon character: Yakko Warner/Minerva Mink/Kitty Katswell/Rainbow Dash/Rarity
Personal Quote: "Goodnight everybody"- Yakko


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Request: Yakko as Yamcha by YakkoWarner20
Sketches - 10
Colored drawings - 20

I only do requests for friends.


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